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Swift, Secure, Seamless

One of the main considerations when deciding an EFTPOS terminal from a provider is the “Back Up Support and Service” you may need if things do go wrong.


At Ecosse we are proud of our local service to Whangarei and Northland area. If you want to be able to drop into an office and speak with a technician, or have a technician come to you when the EFTPOS goes down, Ecosse is your company!


Offering flexibility when choosing your payment devices, Ecosse integrates with hospitality and retail market leaders for both fixed and mobile EFTPOS terminals.


Delivering the latest technology in line with the latest PCI security requirements.

We offer a wide range of Verifone and Ingenico EFTPOS machines. Our devices are available for purchase, short- or long-term lease. Join us to accept debit and credit card payments with ease. 

Desktop Terminals


Verifone V200t

Verifone P630

Verifone V400c

Ingenico Desk 3200

Verifone P400 Pin Pad

Ingenico Desk 5000

Ingenico Desk 1500 Pin Pad

Mobile Terminals

Verifone V210

Verifone T650p

Move 5000

Accredited reseller

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